• jennrivett

All the pieces

It feels to me like there are so many pieces to life, all different shapes and colours. Sometimes fitting them all together takes work and some times the pieces slot together seamlessly. Sometimes I can see where the pieces go, other times I don’t have a clue. Sometimes the fit feels right others they grate and feel uncomfortable. Sometimes some tell me where the pieces should go and others times I risk it and try on my own. It seems to me the best fit is when I go with what feels right to me, what works for me, what comes naturally. No matter how I might try and force two pieces together, no matter how anxious I get about getting the picture right, the only ones that fit are the ones that are meant to be. sometimes it takes me a while to figure it out and the road to a decision is turbulent yet if I can hear what’s going on inside, open my ears to what my body is trying to tell me then I eventually find the pieces fit.