• jennrivett

Attending to the uncomfortable bits...

I have decided it’s time for the pics to get real... to be about the bits that rub, that niggle, that are uncomfortable, for that is where the learning is. The stones in the way, the cracks, the weeds. These are all part of us, of our lives , of our whole selves, how can we celebrate those too as well as the sunshine and flowers, whilst also attending to those bits that the body, the mind is trying to direct us too, saying come over here , have a look here.. like a belitia beacon at a road crossing, alerting us to something.

I liken it to laying a table cloth on the table, the way we shooosh it up before allowing it to gently float down on to the table... and when it lands the majority lands perfectly smooth on the table... and then there is the bit that’s not quite smooth, there’s a crumb underneath, we could ignore the crumb , we could bash it down so it’s smaller and doesn’t make quite the same impact on the flatness of the cloth, or we could lift the cloth and take it out, have a look at it , have a conversation with it... what is it drawing is to, pointing out, wanting us to attend to.

So opportunity for change is everywhere around us, it’s in the moment of stillness when we can let our mind go where ever it takes us, it’s in the crumbs under the cloth, our body and mind working so brilliantly together to survive, to help us live the best life we can in the environment it exists in, so let’s help it and listen more to what it’s trying to tell us, let’s try and attend to its process....

Despite what we may think our body, our mind, it’s our friend... it wants to work with us, as together - we are our whole.