• jennrivett


How often do we stop to think about our breath, it’s the most important thing we have , it comes before everything for its our breath that brings us life, without it we would not have life, would not exist, it’s a basic as that, the very thing that keeps us alive. How often do we take it for granted, assume it’s ok and ignore it. I wonder if we can notice it, connect with it whether that can create a calmer way of being, I know when I practice yoga very much the emphasis is on the mind and body connecting through breath. Some thing about noticing it and moving with it bringing about a natural flow. I guess also I’m thinking about anxiety and panic and how our breath quickens, speeds up, and I am wondering is this our body and mind trying to calm us by getting us to notice our breath, notice something is out of balance in the body, something needs attending to, for the moment we can bring our awareness to our breath, start to slow our breathing, our mind and body can start to calm … so maybe it’s time to listen to our breath, notice it, acknowledge it, tune into it for here is our natural rythum maybe if we can come alongside it, it can help us find a pace of life that is in tune with our whole self, our way of being. So next time you breathe in…. breathe out… take note, take a moment to notice it, for this is life that you are witnessing.. right here, right now… life … existence…