• jennrivett


How do I know when I have reached my capacity? What will the signs be? Will I notice anything different? And if I find I am at capacity … what do I do then? Will I have any spare capacity to rationally explore what I might do differently? Will I get to the point of overspill , of not being able to cope, without even realising until I reach it. Feels like a lot of questions with no easy answers. So what is the alternative? How can we notice when we are getting full, when things are building up , how can we find the time to stop, just for a brief moment to notice , attend to the what is happening here ? How can we listen to our inner self, our gut, hear what it is saying to us, how can we let our selves trust that inner voice , when often it’s saying what we don’t want to hear as it may be going against what keeps others happy , how can we put everything else around us down and focus solely on ourselves and do what feels right in the moment, how do we find that guidance? it may mean taking risks , choosing an option that upsets others, how can we make this ok ? Somehow we need to find the time to engage with all this and more, engage with our process no matter how impossible that may seem… for this is where the answers lie, within… and once we have done all this … what can we learn from it , what can we keep for next time , life hey ! Not the easiest!