• jennrivett


Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Sitting here in the warm sun thinking about us, human beings. Navigating our way through life in the sunshine, the rain and the storms. Trying to exist in our own world alongside others in their own . How can we find some still and quiet to listen and hear each other’s story? To see the world from another‘s view, to show them a glimpse of ours too, then maybe can we all feel heard. Would that then help us to live together? Could we find a way to meet our own needs so we can then be there for others. Can we find time to hear others stories ? To hear their cry’s, their pain? To hear their experiences? Would we be more able to listen to theirs if they listened to ours ? Could we then live alongside each other with a shared understanding of individual meaning ? Hmmm.... something for me to ponder more on.