• jennrivett

Denied feelings

How often are we told don’t cry, don‘t be angry, don’t be sad, don’t get too excited. Here in this moment told not to be the very thing our whole body is feeling. Denied the chance to be who we truly are, denied access to our very being, our organic self. Often these comments are said to help us feel better, in an act of kindness. although in this very act of compassion we are denied the chance to sit with, stay with, our anger, our sadness, our joy, and experience it fully, thus learning it’s not ok to be me. Denied the opportunity to experience ourselves fully, to experience, and move through this moment that is there to help us to learn that it’s ok to feel. We miss the vital message that it’s ok to not be ok. Instead we hide it, we bottle it up and this holding on to something, this feeling we should hide our inner self’s from others view, from ourselves, it piles up inside and often starts to eat away, and then when needs an escape comes out in anyway it can, in the pain we feel, in our tears, in tension. So next time we feel something how can we allow it a space to breathe, some light, a place of its own, some validation, how can we meet it, hear it, put it down, or keep it somewhere safe? Might be worth a think....