• jennrivett

Holding on

I am fascinated by these snow crystals, locked together in their beauty to form a mass, they stick together holding on to the space they occupy. I guess they are used to this, they know what to do, this is their life, they are prepared, or are they? have they done this before, do they only exist once, how do they know to cling together, is it in their nature, an automatic response to prevent falling, ... how about us humans right now? unprepared for this pandemic, we’ve not rehearsed for it , we don’t have a manual, we were not trained for the iscolatation, the uncertainty, whatever it is we are experiencing, are we clinging together as a species, holding on in our loneliness, our fear, to prevent falling, Or maybe we are prepared , we are born to survive, the many resources we may need readily available to us in a split second, an automatic response from within, driving us to life, who knows where I’m going here, just letting my mind ponder the many connections I find when I look at nature and human beings... as always I wonder what we can learn from stopping and observing what is around us, really stopping, being still and looking, experiencing in this moment, what can I learn from this moment....hmmmm