• jennrivett

life on pause

I notice while we are on pause nature just keeps going , moving through it’s process, carrying on as normal, blossoming and moving through it’s cycle of life. Meanwhile we are forced to stop to rest a while, to try and continue as normal in a strange place, so many tight ropes to walk, to navigate, trying to find our way in the dark, the unknown, wanting to shut it all out yet in moments of realisation being only too aware that all we knew has changed . Can we dare to be present , to notice what is happening inside us, to engage with the feelings and step tentatively though each day , or do we just sit and watch nature in all her glory moving on by , unstoppable, displaying her glory for all to see, feeling free from the constraints we have been putting on her, Free to be alive, can we join her in our distress, worry, despair, fear, can we live and be with the feelings , can we be free to feel what ever is present .. to allow our self to move freely and naturally though our own process as she does , no matter how painful , can we experience it, move through it, release it rather than holding on to it .. hmmm ... something to ponder on ... what can we learn from nature ...