• jennrivett

Slowing down

Look what I noticed when I stopped to look…. Life feels so busy right now, during lockdown although I was busy I took time to stop and watch nature, I suddenly realised the other day I’ve not done that for some time and I miss it. So I am having a go at slowing it down. So what do we notice when we slow down, what if instead of rushing around in our minds and our body, we stop for a moment. What if we stop to notice that thought before we act on it, process what someone has said before we rush to respond, to sit with something for a bit, let it land, meet it, feel it. How much more is there to find when we slow things down… may be something new which we might have missed as we rush on by. I have in my mind a path, if I was running along things might be flying in every direction as I bash on past them in my hurry, barely even noticing them or the knocks I get in my hurry to rush by. What if I put on my comfy shoes, prepare to set off with my water and banana for sustanance and take a gentle stroll, stopping when I choose to have a look at what ever I want to, noticing the surface beneath my feet, sitting quietly for a moment to take in my surroundings , getting up and continuing my journey when I felt the desire to move. Hmmmm I like the sound of that speed, I notice my breathing has slowed down just thinking about it …