• jennrivett

The body remembers

I read a BBC report today (by Mark Savage BBC music reporter) about Lady Gaga sharing her experiences of abuse and the impact this had had on her body. She talked about the body remembering, at a later time her body feeling pain and then numbness and how she then linked this to the abuse she had previously suffered. I so believe this, that our body holds the pain, the experience, and until we attend to that by exploring the emotion, the feelings held from the experience, our body will continue to suffer. If we neglect this communication from our body the pain/the symptoms will persist and increase . How often do we hear of those trying to find a physical reason for their pain, tests come back negative, drs scratch their heads, we worry we are making it up, yet the answer lies in our experiences, these feelings we have blocked out, put away. Sometimes all we may have as a clue is what our body is saying . the experience itself may be out of our awareness. So let’s try and listen to it ... our amazing body ... what is it saying , what has it been through ? As Bessel van der Kolk writes “the body keeps the score” (book title 2015) .