• jennrivett

The creative process

What I love about the process of creating is the memory that comes with it. The felt memory that can place us back in the moment of creating. So if I paint something, make something, whatever it is the moment of creation is somehow preserved in the product, the thing I have created and inside me too. In the moment of the creating itself if I can let it take me wherever it wants to go, to just be free to follow my gut choice of next step, of colour, of stroke, of placement of material, of mark made, then somehow this following of natural next steps, of engagement of process in the moment sticks in my mind, so when I look at the end product the felt sense from the moment comes back, I remember where I was when I created this thing, lived this moment, I am transported there again, I love that this experience stays with me , it’s mine, in this moment… only mine… it belongs to me, it doesn’t matter what it looks like to the outside world.. only I can know what that felt like in that moment of my creating, and what it feels like now.. I created this from within… it is a part of me, it belongs to a moment in my time, a moment captured for always inside me.