• jennrivett

What’s your treat for today...

Mines a cup of tea in my favourite spot in the sunshine. And what a treat it is, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face, my whole body. I feel calm, peaceful, blessed to be here to enjoy this moment, thankful to have a garden, aware of the challenges I’ve faced to get to this moment of peace and tranquillity. What is your thing, what is it that brings those fleeting moments of completeness, is there anything that you can find, a fleeting glimpse, I remember well not being able to find them myself often and maybe that’s why now they feel so special and bring me so much. I hope you can find that one thing, maybe something you’d forgotten and have just remembered now, something that had dropped of the list, been pushed to the bottom of the pile. Maybe the light of the sunshine will help to find it again.... enjoy x