• jennrivett


I love exploring, especially therapeutically. Letting my mind go where it naturally wants to. I think that’s what’s partially led me to where I am as a profession. So much in our medical system is led by the expert “knowing what’s best for us”, labelling our behaviours, telling us how to “cure them”, for me surely only I really know what’s best for me, yet its not easy to fight the system that “knows best”, it takes time and space and quiet to hear what that might be and don’t get me started on the actual following that once I’ve found it, that trusting my gut is a big one. And yet this is all part of my process, so if I am honest I am proud to be part of a profession that provides that space and place for that exploration. How often to we deliberately seek out and find ourselves the space to truly explore, to sit with what this “feels like”, “what am I experiencing here”. This is where the shifts, the change can come, noticing what is coming into our awarenes, meeting it, having a conversation with it , and being brave enough to engage with that if i choose too, and also to not if it feels wrong inside, to try and find what feels ok in that moment, to try and engage with that natural process, without getting pulled along, pushed somewhere we don’t want to go, held back from exploring something we want to. As a therapist to me that ls the part I love, the coming alongside, the tentative exploration with the other in their world, the noticing together.

This doorway feels like it encapsulates that process of exploration, what might be on the other side, what’s it like to walk towards, to turn away from, I see the light , the shade, the dark, there is so much here, so much to notice and be curious about, and the things that come to my attention in my looking , what has led me to this place.... and what will shift once I have been here, will I notice a change .... I could go on and on and on ....