• jennrivett


There is something about being outside, with nature, that helps me be still . I wonder if it’s the observing, the noticing, the movement around me, that makes it easier to be still? I can feel the movement of the moments breeze as it brushes past my skin, hear and see the fluttering wings of the bird passing by, listen to the distant sounds that find their way to me in the breeze. All these external moving elements that are in my awareness when I can manage to be still. And what about my mind? Well that’s racing away!! thoughts, worries, things I need to do, pressures of life, expectations, yet somehow if I really concentrate on that breeze maybe I can let something settle a little in my mind, notice a thought that I hadn’t spotted before, capture it for a moment and see if I want to hold on to it right now , or whether it was fleeting and I can let it go, how can I trust myself to remember the bits that suddenly pop up in my mind… or can I just let those thoughts wander in and out in the knowledge that what would be useful will stick. Hmmm…