• jennrivett

The Sea

What is it about the sea ? It draws me to it constantly when I’m not near it, I find myself longing for it, and when I am here I feel whole, connected, at one with nature and myself. I feel my batteries recharging as I stand here taking it all in, it feeds my every part . I feel a calm, an inner peace. I feel invigorated by the wind, the crashing waves. The movement around me , the wind , the sea, the sand, it blows in to every part of me. This feels like a homecoming. I am free to be me in whatever that is in this moment. This is how I want to feel always. Here I can be with how ever I am feeling in this moment, Connected to my true self. the sea reflects my mood, or do I reflect its ? it feels as if we are synchronised. The sea expressing how I feel, like seeing my own ebb and flow played out in front of me. Here I can laugh, I can cry, just be.... just be me.